Shot Blasting Machine
  Automatic shot blast machine (LCA3210 )
  LCQ034 II Abrator Head - Impeller Head
  LCA378D Double Hooks Type Abrator / Shot blasting Machine
  LCP300 Steel Pipe shot-blasting machine,LPG Cylinder Cleaning Machine
  LCQ69 H-Steel Abrator _ H-beam shot blasting machine
  Series Abrator head / Blasting Impeller
  LCA326 Shot Blaster - Pedrail type shot blasting machine - Band track Abrator
  LCA3110 Cylinder Type abrator - shot Blasting Machine
  LCA3525 Turn table Abrator / Swing table Abrator - shot-blast machine
  LC3000 Steel Pretreatment Abrator Line - Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine
  LCA3515 Turn table shot blasting machine,Swing table Abrator
  Cast Steel Shot
  Steel Grit used for abrator / shot blasting machine:
  LCA3113 Cylinder Type Shot Blasting Machine / Drum-type Abrator
  Steel Pretreatment Line - Q6930
  Shot-blasting machine for cleaning Anchor Chain LCA550
  H-Steel Abrator, H-beam shot blasting machine ( LCH0816)
  Automatic Apron Steel Pedrail Abrator (LCA3212), Tumblast Machine
  Hooks Type Abrator / Shot blasting Machine (LCA3780)
  4M Steel Pre-treatment Line - LCL4000
  10T Hook type abrator - shot-blast machine
  30T Trolley Type Shot Blasting Machine _ Pass-through type
  Suspension Hook Type Shot blasting Machine (LCA7150)
  Dust Collect for shot-blasting machine
  H-Steel Abrator, H-beam shot blasting machine ( LCH1220 )
  LCP400F Steel Pipe Polisher, Steel pipe shot blasting machine, abrator
  H-Steel Abrator, H-beam shot blasting machine - LCH1018
  Band track Abrators - Pedrail shot-blast machine ( LCA326 )
  Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine - LCH2008
  Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hub Shot Blasting Machine - Abrator
  Steel Structure Derusting Machine - LCH1218
  3.5M Ship Steel Pretreatment Line
  LCM1500 Steel Pipe and Plate Shot-blasting Machine, Abrator
  LCM1500A Multi-function Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
  3M Steel Pretreatment Line - LCL3000B
  2.5M Steel Plate Pretreatment Line
  Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine LCH1515
  Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine Line - LCA2200
  Shot Blaster - LCA376 Single Hook
  Blast Room
  Blasting Room
  Sand blasting room
  LCP1800 Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
  LCP1500 Pipe ShotBlaster
  LCP2200 Pipe Shot Blast
  LCA3020 Shot-Blasting Machine to Clean Truck Chassis
We are a professional manufacturer with design team in shot blast machine
Being a professional manufacturer, L&C Machinery Co.,Ltd. ( Longcheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.) designs and produces various type and shape of shot-blasting machine and solar water heater. With our designer and technician team, OEM and ODM service are available here. Your Ideas may be became a practical product.
Non-standard casting machinery with special design based on request of client can be made here..
We will do our best to provide very proper items and prices to customers.
Our product cover Shot-blasting machine ( Abrator) & Solar water Heater:
Our main product is a Metallic Processing Machine - shot blasting machine ( Abrator) , which contains: Tumble Shot-blasting Machine, Steel Plate Pre-treatment Line, H-beam / steel structure shot-blasting machine, Hook-Type Shot-blasting Machine, Trolley-type Abrator; Turn-Table Shot-blasting Machine, Pedrail-type shot-blasting Machine; Steel Pipe Clean Machine,  Steel Bottle cleaning machine, Anchor chain shot-blasting machine etc.
These machine are mainly designed in different type and shape. Which is for polishing and cleaning rust and burr on various metal parts, steel plate, metallic structure, H-beam, steel bottle, pipe , anchor chain and machines.
Widely used in metallic process industry, automobile, ship building, bridge and machinery industries etc.
Solar energy as a new source of energy becomes more important ever than before. This kind of products cover many components, structure and design , which are suitable for different requirements from customer. For more details and our products, please review our website.
With strict quality control:

We always place emphasis on quality control to ensure that excellent quality standards are maintained. We have implemented a QC system that is in strict conformance with international standards. Under this system, all series are monitored and tested at each stage of the production process, with defective items removed. Your requirements are what we struggle.
We Meet International Standards
Our products conform to European CE standard and ASTM Criterion of the US. With high quality, punctual shipment and good service, we have built up our good reputation in the market. Our main markets are in Europe, North America, The Middle East and Southeast Asia etc..

Contact Us
With good quality punctual shipment and professional service, we have built up good reputation in the markets.
For more information about our company details, product and services, contact us today.



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