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LCA3525 Turn table Abrator / Swing table Abrator - shot-blast machine
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LCA3525 Swing table-type abrator - shot blasting machine

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Swing table type Abrator, widely used to clean the work pieces in the shot blast chamber by high speed bullets shot from impeller
  • Suitable for de-rusting, eliminating hardening of casts that feared of collision.
  • Forged or stamping pieces
  • With dust-collection device and separation device, can be operated easily and also with good condition
  • Maintainance is convenient
  • Specifications:
    • Diameter of swing table: 2,500mm
    • Shot blasting capability: 250kg/min x2
    • Height of swing table: 800mm
    • Diameter of impeller: 250mm
    • Revolving speed of swing table: 0.36rpm
    • Revolving speed of impeller: 2,900rpm
    • Maximum valid volume: 0.1m3
    • Speed of slinging: 60-65m/s
    • Maximum load: 1000kg
    • Air volume of filling: 3500m3/h
    • Dimension of workpiece: 1000x500x250mm
    • Separation rate: 30t/h
    • Dimensions of machine: (L) 2,835x (W) 2,500x (H) 4,900mm
    • Total power: 32kw

Payment Details:

Payment Terms:

  • T/T, L/C
    Minimum Order:
  • 1  Unit

    Delivery Details:

    FOB Port:
  • Shanghai
    Lead Time:
  • 35 days
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