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JTS005 Solar Water Heater
Date:2009-3-5    Clicks:[]

Solar Water Heater ( JTS005 )

Description of product:

Vacuum Tube Specification: 47mmX1500mm, 58mmX1800mm, 70mmX2000mm
Amount of Vacuum Tube: 16/18/20/24/30/36
Outer tank Material: Imported Color Armor Plate 0.4mm
Inner tank Material: Imported Food Grade Stainless Steel 304-2B 0.4mm
Bracket Material: Galvanized steel
Thickness of Insulating Layer: 50-60mm polyurethane foam
Other specifications as blow:
1) . Diameter of cooper coil: 12mm
2). Thickness of copper coil: 1.0mm
3) . Length of cooper coil: 45m
4). Hot water is available shortly
5). Completely automatic operation
6) .Drinking water quality to promote life quality
7). Heat preservation: 80h
8). Hailstone resistance: 25mm 
10). With an assitant tank to feed water automatically when water in tank is below preset level
11). For both flat roof and slope roof

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