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JTS015 Solar Water Heater Separated Pressure System
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JTS014 Solar Water Heater Separated Pressure System

Solar Water Heater Separated Pressure System (JTS015)

Product Description

Solar water heater The details of material:
1. Inner tank: Porcelain enamel
2. Frame: Aluminum alloy
3. Glass tube: New trivalent element heat tube
4. Solar work station
5. Steel tube dimensions: 47-1500mm/ 58-1800mm
6. Water capacity: 150L, 200L, 300L
7. Pressure: 6 bar

The characteristic
1. The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid; Water can't flow in the vacuum tubes and is operated when confined; The crust uses aluminum alloy mould material of high strength with airflow design
2. Temperature preservation is equipped with standard electric water heater setting, automatic temperature control exchanger, and increased anode magnesium bars sticking to prevent furring
3. The insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble and has a good effect of temperature preservation
4. The product successfully carries out the installation of separation according to fabricating yard and is harmoniously blended with architecture
5. The equipments of separated solar water heater is composed by heat collector, storage tank, electric control device, hot water mix unit and fittings for circulation and installation




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